“I love my job!”

Anita Nensey, 2012 Mathematics

My name is Anita Nensey, and I am part of the 2012 CalTeach cohort. I attended UCI and graduated with a major in Mathematics for Secondary Teaching Education knowing I wanted to become a math teacher. Walking around campus, I saw a sign that advertised a class for students interested in teaching math or science in a middle/high school level and that started my interest in the program. CalTeach provided me the opportunity to try different types of lessons, work together with others, and persevere in my goal of teaching math.

After graduating from UCI, I have been working as a high school mathematics teacher in the Garden Grove School District at Santiago High School. Last year, I taught five periods of Algebra 1, which were a majority of freshmen students. This year, I teach three sections of Geometry and two sections of Algebra 1, where my students are now a mix of sophomores and freshmen.

I love my job! Ever since the beginning when I was researching the school I currently work at, I found out about the school colors (purple and gold) and that’s where it all started. I look forward to going to work every morning, helping students before school and after school, getting to know the students’ goals and different backgrounds, and make students enjoy math just the way I do. The math teachers are unbelievable and the work collaboration is not enough to describe how much we work together as a team. The different challenges at school make every day a different day and I can honestly say that that makes me love my job. I know for the next several years, I will never get bored of teaching math.

In my spare time I enjoy running and I am currently training to run a marathon. I also work less than 4 miles from Disneyland, so I end up going there at least one time a week. I also like spending time with my quite large family as well as my boyfriend, which gives me no time to get bored.

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